Location Map with directions

If you're planning on visiting La Parca Taqueria Mexicana, you can ride public transport to Estação Estudantes-Rua Professor Álvaro Pavan which is the closest station with only 449 m distance, you might also want to check out Terminal Estudantes which is 400 m away and also accessible via public transport. There are also parking spaces near La Parca Taqueria Mexicana if you plan on arriving by car, the closest one is WV Estacionamento which is 78 m away, alternatively you can park your car at Estacionamento Conrado, the distance to La Parca Taqueria Mexicana is 137 m.

The address of La Parca Taqueria Mexicana is Rua Carmela Dutra 29. The map below displays its location. You can print out this page or get directions to the restaurant. We also provide you with information on public transport and locate the nearest parking space should you have trouble finding a free parking spot near La Parca Taqueria Mexicana.